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About BeBollywood

Our two founders, with 15+ years of experience between them, are on a path to bring their passion for dance to the masses.

They feel humbled and privileged to have been given some amazing opportunities in their career so far. Starting their professional dance career with ThreeBee dance company, they took part in shows and events in the UK and abroad including the likes of : ITV, BBC, The Turkish Film awards in Antalya, BGT 2010 Semi-Final, Got to dance advert series 1 with Davina McCall, Uncle Bens uk tour, Big Dance in Trafalgar Square and many corporate events and awards shows.

They then went on to join Eastern Ilusion and headed up the creative dance team, auditioning and training other dancers. They performed and choreographed for many events all over the UK and abroad, as well as specialising in entertainment and productions with live band and singers. One of their favourite experiences included a “Nayati” dance and singing production in Ivory Coast, Western Africa.

After becoming finalists on Sony’s Boogie Woogie, their career flourished and BeBollywood was born, formally known as Sonams Dance for many years! They’ve performed and danced with other companies such as Bollyflex, Shiamak London, The Bollywood Co and Bollywood Vibes with who they were featured with on X-Factor final 2017.

They have also worked with artists including Navin Kundra, Nikita Bassi, Avina Shah, late singer Labh Janjua, Miss Pooja, Alisha Chinoy and Malaika Arora.

Specialising in Indian styles, ranging from indian classical Kathak to modern Bollywood, Amun and Sonal can do it all – and now, so can you! Being part of the BeBollywood community means you can have some ‘you’ time which leaves you fitter, fulfilled and feeling like a film star.

Don’t be bored… Be Bold, Be Bright – BeBollywood!

Sonal Bailey

About Sonal

Music and dance have been at the soul of mine and my family’s lives, ever since I was a toddler. I was wiggling to my dad’s records on wax long before I could walk and I was clapping along to my grandmother’s Bollywood songs before I could crawl. ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ was the first Bollywood movie I watched, and it gave me a burning desire to perform in the spotlight like the actresses on screen. Then I joined Honeys dance academy where I began to learn the true art of Bollywood dance. Although I was confident I had the moves, I didn’t have the expression. I then went onto to join an English stage school called step up in Woodford Essex where I learnt acting singing and dance. I was picked as one of three main performers to sing and dance at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Piccadilly as part of the Mardi Gras.

From dancing I retrieved a sense of worth that I didn’t get from academics. Soon realised I wanted to dance at a more professional level as I enjoyed entertaining an audience. I joined ThreeBee dance company where I trained in my performance skills, made lifelong friends and achieved things I didn’t think were possible. I was able to appear a lot on tv and with Threebee such as the advert for SKY’s ‘Got to dance’ with Davina McCall, and BBC 1’d drama Hustle. We also travelled abroad a lot for performances. I was lucky enough to be picked as part of the Britains got talent team in 2010. We even got to semi-finals!

I also achieved my diploma in the art of Kathak Dance training under Guruji Abhay Shankar Mishra. I believe dance is so enjoyable and allows people to let loose and express themselves in a fun way, as well as building confidence and keeping fit.

Amun Bhachu

About Amun

My fondest memories from my childhood involve dancing and singing at family gatherings, weddings and outings. There was always something about rhythm and music which lit a fire in my heart; perhaps it descends from my Punjabi heritage and the colourful culture which comes with that.

Growing up in Britain meant I was exposed to lots of other cultures and this widened my taste in music and the arts. I would clap my hands to Bollywood classics at home and reach for the stars at school while performing to S Club 7 (I was Tina, remember her?) songs – my love for dance was an eclectic one from an early age. I experienced bullying at school and I am so grateful for dancing because it was my outlet, my form of expression which allowed me to escape the negativity, develop my confidence and do something productive.

My parents’ divorce could have driven me into depression but instead, I channelled my energy into learning new dance styles and practicing my heart out. I picked up contemporary dance, belly dancing, hip hop and street, bhangra, Bollywood and even tap dancing. The art of performance saved me and from that point, it became crystal clear that I would be doing this forever. I got a chance to put my moves where my mouth is when I joined a dance group. We performed at weddings, corporate affairs, and even on TV channels including BBC1, ITV, Zee TV and Sony TV. A particular highlight for me was performing in a musical in the Ivory Coast, I just loved taking our talents overseas.

A life-changing moment arrived when I began learning Kathak under the guidance of Guru Ji, Shri Abhay Shankar Mishra – a leading figure in the field. I practiced in that class for 9 years, 3 times per week and took away discipline, determination, focus and self-awareness. These are the qualities I love to instil in my own classes today, while they took me almost a decade to discover, I am now blessed to be able to share them through BeBollywood.

Our mission: To bring health, happiness and harmony to peoples lives, one dance at a time


Be Bolly Basic

Tuesdays at 7-8pm
Learn a fun and simple dance routine each week to popular chart hits and Bollywood classics. A great way to learn new dance moves and stay active.
Suitable for Beginners.
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BeBolly Burn

Wednesdays at 7-8pm
Pure Learn and Burn! With a monthly playlist and a chance to learn key moves in advance; it will leave you feeling pumped as well as sweaty!
Suitable for Beginners.
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BeBolly Brave

Thursdays at 7-8pm
Try one of our advanced routines! Faster in pace and versatile in style, this class will challenge and push you outside of your comfort zone.
Suitable for Intermediate to Advanced.
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BeBolly Bounce 3-7yrs

Saturdays at 10.30-11.30am
Improve dance and social skills in a fun and open environment. Learn key words to popular Bollywood songs and see your child develop in confidence and creativity.
Suitable for Beginners.
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BeBolly Bounce 8-12yrs

Saturday’s at 11.30-12.30pm
Watch your child grow in confidence and creativity as they learn routines to fun and upbeat dance numbers whilst learning the meaning behind the songs, and becoming little performers!
Suitable for Beginners.
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BeBolly VIP

1-2-1, First dance and Group sessions
Improve your confidence and dance skill,create something memorable or surprise someone special.We are here to help! A tailored,flexible and personal service that suits you.
60 minute session £35
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We think of the moves so you don’t have to! With experience in choreography for artists,TV, stage productions and much more,we will work with you to bring your concept to fruition and your vision to life.
Enquire now for a Free consultation
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Bringing a taste of Indian Cinema to you! Our highly skilled team are trained in executing expression, energy and authenticity bringing Bold, Bright and Bollywood performances to any event.
Prices start from £150. Enquire now to find out more.
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Online Party

Join a new way to party…online! Don’t let lockdown stop you from celebrating with your friends and loved ones. We will bring you music, dance, fun and games to get you through these tough times!
1hr Kids: £75 1.5hr Adults: £100 (Limit to 10ppl)
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Online Workshop

A fun and engaging experience! Created for virtual offices and classrooms, we can offer a fun, team building and online experience, maintaining moral and mental wellbeing.
1hr: £150
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Kathak Dance

Learn the basics of this elegant, indian classical dance- Kathak in it’s purest form. Creating a strong foundation for Bollywood dance through the art of expression, hand gestures, footwork and movement.
Suitable for beginners from 5yrs+ Register your interest now.
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BeBolly Bhangra

Learn and Burn Bhangra Style! Increase your cardio levels weekly with an hour blast of BeBolly Bhangra. Enjoy a mixture of bhangra classics whilst learning moves from this traditional Punjabi folk dance.
Register now for your interest
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Out testimonials speak for themselves

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“You guys are amazing. Yasmin zavi is my younger sister. She’s been watching your lives since you started the online class but has never joined in until today and she loved it. This girl has never danced. You guys have known me since you started the BeBollywood dance class, I love dancing but never, not even once has my sister ever stood up and dance. My sister and I are so close but I’ve never seen her dance but you guys have done it. You’ve made her dance. I just don’t have words to describe how great you guys are. Love you guys!”

Noor Khatun and her sister take our online classes

“BeBollywood planned and choreographed a full 10 minute ‘family and friends’ surprise dance act for my brothers wedding reception at the intercontinental hotel in 02 london. This involved choreographing, organising and training up to 40 of us (friends and cousins) to perform different parts of the dance. We had varying backgrounds with regard to experience in dance, most of us having none whatsoever (including myself), hence were very nervous and sceptical at the outset. Sonal and Amun really put us at ease, and made the whole experience a joy, with excellent results. From just a couple of group rehearsals and then learning from videos, we performed a stunning dance which made the whole reception evening the amazing night that what it was, and created a true buzz and energy in the room. A massive thank you to Sonal and Amun for an amazing, unforgettable experience.”

Anish Aggarwal (Brother of Groom)

Since lockdown I started to follow bebollywood free instagram and facebook evening sessions. I had a blast so joined up to BeBolly Burn classes. I was nervous as I haven’t worked out with a group in years, yet alone online, but Amun and Sonal are so friendly, they make it fun and put everyone at ease. I’m surprised at the difference it has made feel so quickly! I feel so alive after a class. Xx

Leena Radia (Sedani) Takes BeBolly Burn Classes

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Our vision: We visualize a world which vibrates with positive energy through the power of dance, music and expression

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